Until Dawn (5 Oct. Marimba)

Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: About 5 Minutes
Price: $20.91 USD
Instrument: 5 Octave Marimba, 4.5 Octave Possible*

Until Dawn is the first composition for 5 octave marimba that I’ve written and was the winner of the 2019 Percussive Arts Society International Composition Contest. For me, the piece is a departure from my previous works, which I consider as side projects and never serious. I have no formal training/education in composition, so entering a composing competition for me marks the end of music as just a hobby, and before the ‘dawn’ of studying music seriously going into my first year of university. 

*The majority of the piece (the whole first 3 minutes of the video) only goes down to a low F. The last quarter of the piece has a few notes that go down, but in general can be adapted for a low F or low E marimba with little issue.

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